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A Secondary Market Annuity is virtually identical to other forms of annuities. It is a payment stream that is purchased by an investor from a pre-existing annuity holder. A Secondary Market Annuity, or Structured Settlement Investment, is an annuity from a major US insurance carrier that was either purchased, awarded to or won by another individual. Secondary Market Annuities are high-yield, low-risk financial products that are paid by top-rated insurance carriers. Since they offer high yields in comparison to Treasuries, CDs and the like, they are a widely sought after asset that is a great addition to many portfolios.

Due to the nature of the secondary market purchase process, every Secondary Market Annuity or Structured Settlement Investment is unique and comes in varying values and maturities. Purchasers will commonly use these products for retirement planning, CD alternatives, legacy and estate planning, college planning, and many other benefits. The demonstrated safety and yield of Secondary Market Annuities have positioned it to be an attractive asset class to many corporations and publicly-traded companies for decades.

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